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RLS Southeast Asia regularly publishes political analyses and working papers on current and relevant topics from the Mekong Region. Together with our partners, we shed light on different opinions and introduce perspectives on pressing social and ecological questions and challenges. The publications are categorized according to topics and countries and can be selected using the links below.

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 Social Justice, Social-ecological transformation

Social-Ecological Transformation – Experiences from Asia and Europe

“The Social-Ecological Transformation must comprise all spheres of Planet Earth. Otherwise it will be impossible to mitigate or stop climate change, the deterioration of the waters and soils, and to improve the evolutionary conditions of the natural world.” Elmar Altvater, January 2018.

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 Social Justice, Vietnam

Social security in Vietnam and the role of Vietnamese people’s organizations in building and implementing social security policies

The study “Social security in Vietnam and the role of Vietnamese people’s organizations in building and implementing social security policies” conducted by Vietnam Peace and Development Foundation (VPDF) in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia.

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 Social Justice, Vietnam

An analysis of political views and policies in poverty reduction and pension for elderly in Vietnam

The research was conducted by Dr. Ngo Thi Ngoc Anh, Dr. Tran Thi Hong and MA. Nguyen Thi Hien in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Southeast Asia.

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 Labour, Vietnam

Vietnamese Migrant Domestic workers – With special focus on Taiwan and Saudi Arabia markets

Vietnam considers sending nationals working overseas a socio-economic strategy to develop human resources, solving unemployment, generating income, increasing foreign exchange reserves, and strengthening cooperative relations with other countries.

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 Cambodia, Labour, Myanmar

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and Value Extraction from the Mekong: A Case study on the Control and Exploitation of Land and Labor in Cambodia and Myanmar SEZs

The study shows that SEZs in Greater Mekong Sub-region have played an important role in regional integration and economic development, however, they have been developed with limited transparency and locals are not involved in the planning process.

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 Social Justice, Vietnam

Large-Scale investments in the Mekong-Region

Across the Mekong region, ‘development’ has become synonymous with rapid economic growth, to be achieved through predominantly large-scale, private investments.

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 Germany, Social Justice

Social Reproduction, social security and crisis-related developments: Feminist Perspectives regarding Europe's neoliberal restructuring

The article of Katharina Puhl, researcher for feminist sociology and capitalism analysis at RLS Berlin, will explore risks and challenges for social security policies and politics with regard to gender-sensitive effects and outcomes during crisis-related austerity politics in German context, framed by European politics.

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 Social-ecological transformation

By the way, it actually works - Debunking renewable energy myths

The authors of this brochure determinedly state: «The question is therefore not whether, but how and when we will achieve a future based on renewable energy.» Unfortunately, even these days renewables are still skeptically looked at.

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Situation Analysis of the Vietnamese electricity sector

The study gives an overview of the framework conditions for a transition towards a socially inclusive renewable energy based electricity sector in Vietnam.

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 Myanmar, Political Analysis

Myanmar on track to democracy?

Despite the democracy movement’s electoral success, questions about the country’s development remain.

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