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RLS Southeast Asia regularly publishes political analyses and working papers on current and relevant topics from the Mekong Region. Together with our partners, we shed light on different opinions and introduce perspectives on pressing social and ecological questions and challenges. The publications are categorized according to topics and countries and can be selected using the links below.

 Social Justice

Post Extractivism

Poppy S. Winanti and Nanang Indra Kurniawan, researchers at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, argue how the extractive sector - characterized by the exploitation of natural resources - unleashed a number of serious problems for the local population: many extractive regions are plagued by conflicts, there is little direct positive impact on the local economy, and finally, extractive industries are non-renewable. To resist the increasing exploitation of natural resources, post-extractivism emerged as an economic and political strategy.

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 Political Analysis, Social Justice, Social-ecological transformation

Wellbeing Economy

In 2018, Scotland, Iceland and New Zealand - currently with female-led governments - initiated the group of the Wellbeing Economy Governments (WEGo). This coalition seeks to transform the current capitalist economy into a wellbeing economy, where human and ecological wellbeing is prioritized.

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 Social Justice, Social Justice, Social-ecological transformation

Climate Change Threatens Children Worldwide

According to a UN report from last week’s Wednesday, the world struggles to protect children from the impact of climate change. Vietnamnews.vn reports that a commission of child and adolescent health experts have declared that the next generation won’t get enough protection from the impacts of carbon emissions, not even within one single country. Adequate measures, to protect children from destruction of nature and processed foods, are not taken either. Helen Clark, a co-chair of the commission has revealed: “But even of greater concern, every child worldwide faces existential threats from climate change and commercial pressures.”

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"Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" - Ho Chi Minh's legacy 50 years on

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Ho Chi Minh, the RLS SEA looks back on the legacy of the man who is still omnipresent in Vietnam.

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 Germany, Political Analysis, Social Justice, Social-ecological transformation

Climate before capitalism - For a Social and Ecological System Change

Saving the Climate, not Capitalism - For a Social and Ecological System Change

By Bernd Riexinger and Lorenz Gösta Beutin

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 Social Justice, Social-ecological transformation

Beyond Development - Alternative visions from Latin America

This book compiles a handful concrete examples of efforts and practices on ecological knowledge, from activists in various spheres of civil society, to those working in institutions and the ancestral knowledge of indigenous groups, etc.

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Achievements and Future Prospects - Celebrating ten years of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung in Vietnam

For the last ten years, the office—RLS SEA—has operated regionally in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. To mark the occasion, RLS SEA organized an international conference in Hanoi on 13 May 2019 to review its collaborations and refine its approach for the coming program cycles.

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 Labour, Social Justice

Monograph on Vietnamese Domestic Workers

Domestic work has long existed not only in Vietnam but also in almost all countries in the world. Domestic workers, most of them are women, play an important role not only for the families employing them but also for the national economy and the labour market.

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 Germany, Political Analysis

The State of the Left Party in Germany and Current Challenges

Originally a lecture given as part of a political dialogue between a delegation of the Left Party and the Communist Party of Vietnam held in November 2018 and facilitated by the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.

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Dual-Use approaches for Solar energy and Food production: International experience and potentials for Viet Nam

This study analyses new concepts and applicatons of renewable energy use – with a main focus on solar energy – that aim to combine agricultural producton and clean power generaton on the same land area, and thereby to reduce land-use conficts between these two essental sectors.

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