Our Mission

International Dialogue

In order to address important and pressing social and ecological issues, we require a network of strong partners that connect and exchange ideas and experiences about their respective work and progressive politics and strategies. In times of supranational problems like climate change, this strategic cooperation cannot be limited to the regional level, but also take place at the national and international level.

Staff picture Nadja Dorschner

We encourage international dialogue between left actors to understand each other’s needs for transformation on social, economic, and political levels in order to find common responses to global challenges.

Nadja Dorschner - RLS Berlin Project Manager

By facilitating dialogue between left actors in regional, national, and international forums, we support mutual understanding, international solidarity, and the effectiveness of our partners. Without the opportunity to compare and learn from case studies from other countries, we and our partners would not be well-equipped to stand up for their target groups. Our goal is thus to strengthen the capacities and international competences of social and political activists, who can act as multipliers and pass on their experience. Based on critique in solidarity, we focus on bringing socialist forces together to provide impulses for our partners to make the best possible impact. We advocate for a dialogue between left actors in the Global North and South on an equal footing as well as for a stronger exchange between actors in the Global South. Our provision of policy advice is geared particularly towards the interests of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Staff picture Philip Degenhardt

The massive exploitation in both the social and ecological spheres provoked by twenty-first-century neoliberal capitalism can only be opposed with international solidarity and defeated through joint struggles.

Philip Degenhardt - Regional Director

Our partners in the Mekong Region

Our partner spectrum spans academic institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, government institutions, and parliaments.


Learn more about our partner organizations in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.